Guitar Competitions

  • January 2004 2nd Prize, 1st category (no age limit), 6th International Winter Guitar Festival of Volos (Volos, Greece)
  • July 2003 Finalist (among 5 finalists, no age limit), 2nd International Guitar Competition Archanes (Heraklion, Greece)
  • December 2002 Finalist (no age limit), 6th Panhellenic Guitar Competition of Patras (Patras, Greece)

  • May 1998 2nd Prize (no 1st prize was awarded, Peripheral School Art Competition (Ministry of Education, Thessaloniki – Greece)
  • July 1995 1st Prize (category up to 15 years old), International Guitar Festival of Volos (Volos, Greece)
  • April 1994 2nd Prize (category 8 – 14 years old), Panhellenic Guitar Competion of Youth Choir and Orchestra Organization (Athens, Greece)