University Projects

music bird

In the course of my graduate and postgraduate academic studies, I have worked on various subjects (unfortunately all these projects are written in Greek):

Aristoxenus of Tarentum

Folk music of Argentina

Mental representation and imaging of classical music

Computational models of Tenney-Polansky, Lerdahl-Jackendoff

Life and work of guitarist-composer Dimitris Fampas

The audience of classical music

Heitor Villa-Lobos: life and work with analysis of his Five Preludes for solo guitar

Observation of educational environments

children’s emotional education


social inclusion and students with special needs

psychological research and educational practice

resource room in special education

slang use and gender

mental retardation and socialization

learning difficulties

digital divide

the subversive power of music

music and media

cultural management of classical music institutions

semiotics of music

digital music libraries

music piracy

music nationalism